5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays:

So it’s almost Christmas, can you believe it? We sure can’t! The time is flying and the next thing we know our homes will be bustling with holiday guests and (hopefully) Christmas cheer, but as exciting as the holidays are, they can also be incredibly stressful if we’re not prepared. So before the rush begins, we thought we’d put together a list of all the things you need to do to be prepared and enjoy the holidays to the maximum!

– Do you remember that blog we wrote about indoor/outdoor flow for the summer? (If you need to reread, it’s here) This is a great time to revisit it! Getting that flow correct is so essential to being comfortable in the summer heat. We know it’s not the ideal time for a home renovation but if you start now, you’ll have time to get everything complete before the holidays are in full swing. If not, that’s okay! As long as you have those great ceiling fans turned on high, open the windows for a great cross breeze and serve some cool drinks you should be fine.

– Be sure to master your Christmas decorations. You may not be in a competition for the best-lit house but it’s still important to being festive. Whether you light up the whole house or just a few trees, the twinkle lights make everything feel instantly more festive and fun, which is perfect for a holiday party. The interior decorations matter too! Be careful not to overuse the tinsel but a few strings of tinsel can really amp up the holiday feel and the kids love it too!

– Find the perfect, and we do mean perfect, place to display your tree. Be sure the tree is the focal point in the room. It shouldn’t take up all your free space but it should definitely draw the eye to it! Christmas trees are the quickest way to prepare your home for the holidays. They give everyone that great ‘Christmassy’ feeling and instantly make your home feel cosy and comfortable. For a fun and festive look decorate with coloured lights and if you prefer a classier, cosier feel then opt for soft white lights. Place your tree in the front of a window to share the Christmas joy with your neighbours and give guests a peek of what’s to come when they’re pulling up your driveway.

– Ensure your kitchen is prepared! When it comes to a holiday party (or any party in fact) the kitchen is going to be one of the most important rooms in the house. If you’re cooking a big holiday ham or just having a variety of tapas, we know it’s a lot of work. Make sure your kitchen is organised and ready for the onslaught of visitors and work it’s going to have to deal with.

– Make your guests comfortable. We know you’ve probably already done this but just to be safe, give the guest rooms a thorough clean, put fresh sheets on the beds and make sure they have either a fan or air con in their rooms to keep them cool. If you really want to keep the festive mood going, consider buying a tabletop tree or adding some decorations to the room. They’ll love it but be prepared; you may have trouble getting rid of them after the New Year!

The key is to make everything as comfortable and festive as possible but also making sure your home is entirely functional for all the upcoming parties! If you’re worrying that you may need some extra space, better flow or even a kitchen reno to make your Christmas the best one yet it’s not too late! Our friendly team at Larian can help work with you to get things done as quickly, seamlessly and as non-intrusive as possible.
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Portrait Of Laughing Girlfriends Having Christmas Snacks In Christmas Decorated Kitchen

Portrait Of Laughing Girlfriends Having Christmas Snacks In Christmas Decorated Kitchen

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