Build your Perfect Home Office

Perhaps you’re launching a start up business or maybe you’re a professional writer, whatever the case, if working from home is part of your routine then you need to consider building a home office.  Anyone who has tried working from the dining room table or the couch can agree, it’s not a conducive workspace to success. So why make it hard on yourself? A home office could be just the difference you need and if you live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, it shouldn’t be hard to get inspirational views, either.

But what do you need to make your home office work for you?

1. Location is everything. It’s important to scout around your home to find the ideal place for your office. Regardless if you live in a sprawling 4-bedroom house or a studio apartment, location is everything.  If you build your office in an uninspiring walk-in closet, the likelihood that you’ll accomplish what you want is very low and the same goes for a heavily trafficked area in your home. The less distractions, the better it is for business. So take the time to find the perfect nook and build from there.

2. Make the most of your space. If you have an extensive reference book collection or files upon files that you have to store, it’s important to have a great storage system in place. Utilise bookcases or cube storage to make the most of your workspace.  In addition to storage options, the layout of your home office is essential to its success. For an efficient home office you should consider an L or U shaped layout that allows you to easily access everything within your office.

3. Create a sense of comfort. The last thing you want to do is create a workspace in which you’re uncomfortable. Look at what makes your home so homey and go from there. If you have a very traditional style then your office should be of similar ilk. The last thing you want to do is create an office that isn’t representative of your style because you may find it uninspiring and the less inspired you feel, the less work you’ll do.

4. Lighting is essential. If you have lots of natural light, be sure to take advantage of that, set up your desk in a manner where you can enjoy the natural light but aren’t distracted by bright glares.  Where natural light isn’t available, strategically place light fixtures to make the most of your home office but ensure to avoid overhead lighting if you’re prone to headaches.

5. Go cord free. We know your technology has many cords but when you can hide your cords do it. Place your equipment as close to outlets as possible and where it’s not possible; consider hiding cords within walls, desks or even a fabric cord cover.  This helps minimise unsightly distractions.

Tired woman in front of computer

If building your own home office feels a bit overwhelming don’t worry, there are great companies who can help you create your dream home office. Uninterrupted concentration and inspiration are just a phone call (or enquiry form) away. Contact our friendly team at Larian today at 1300 527 426.

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