File storage solutions for any office

If you have files, storing them in a neat and efficient manner should be a priority. After all, how high can you stack a pile of folders on your desk or the floor before they fall over?

We’ve been to more than a few offices that have exceeded our reality for how high folders can be stacked and of course it’s inevitable that the file you need is always on the bottom of the pile! So as a result, most offices choose to move past the stacking method which forces them to choose some type of office file storage equipment.

So let’s take a look at what other solutions are available for office file storage beyond the traditional vertical filing cabinet. You might be surprised at what’s out there!



File shelving has files stored horizontally on shelves inside a fixed shelving unit of 2 to 8 shelves in most cases, though it is possible to go much higher with the use of rolling ladders. The file shelving may come in various widths and depths, single faced or double faced.

Enclosed file shelving has all the space benefits of open file shelving, but it has lockable doors. These doors can be sliding, hinged, flipper or tambour style. These types of units are used where security or aesthetics require the contents of the cabinet to be out of view or secure.

Side by side systems add a sliding shelving unit in front of fixed shelving unit. The sliding unit is attached to a track, with one less unit in the front to provide access to the back fixed units and can be up to 4 units deep.

High density mobile shelving takes static shelving on carriages that roll on track installed on the floor or in an enclosed base. These units are also known as a compactus and they eliminate the need for a fixed aisle in between each section of shelving. The result is a storage system that can hold the same capacity as static shelving in half the floor space. There are three styles of mobile shelving, manual operation, mechanical assist, and electric operation.

Rotary cabinets configured for shelf filing are like having two sections of shelving back to back on a lazy Susan. They can be configured up to 8 levels high (with pull out drawer option) and the user simply turns the cabinet on its axis to reach files stored on either side. Rotary cabinets with pull out drawers are also available.

Lateral filing cabinets are not as deep as vertical filing cabinets but are much wider. They are aesthetically more pleasing; with files stored side by side rather than front to back. These cabinets come in a variety of heights from 2 to 5 drawers high but are less space efficient than vertical filing cabinets.

Finally, there are vertical carousel and horizontal carousel systems that are automated to revolve around like a ferris wheel vertically or merry-go-round horizontally. They utilise floor space efficiently; and at the press of a button the shelf stops at the perfect height for someone standing, sitting or even in a wheelchair. Vertical carousels with pull out drawers are also available.

Now that you’re in the know about the myriad of options available for any type of office or home file storage, contact our team today to discuss which solution will best suit your space.

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