Fun and fabulous office partitions

Swapping standard cubical walls for fun and fabulous partitions is not only great fun but there are also practical reasons for doing so apart from just separating spaces. These can include re-invigorating staff to increase productivity, communicating workplace and brand culture, deadening background noise or just doing your bit for the environment by using renewable materials in your new office fitout.

The options for office partitions are endless, so let’s take a look at a few of them and find out their practical uses too.

The Wannabetree is an acoustic office screen and wall panel range that is available in three sizes. It lends itself well to educational premises, and office desks that require low white noise like call centres; as well as office breakout areas where there is a need for visually stimulating shapes and colours.

Wannabetree partitions

The Viswall is a freestanding office partition with two rotating screen blades which can be adjusted open or closed to create privacy when required. Combining open plan office design with the need for confidentiality and distraction-free zones is easy because the panels provide slight transparency, complete transparency or total visual protection. The pointed base plates means that the screen modules can be positioned in a row, staggered or oriented in different directions. And, there is an acoustic upholstery option available for the panels too.

Viswall partitions

Mobile acoustic screens called Alp is a sound absorbing mobile room divider that can nest together for storage, is available in three sizes and is on castors for easy mobility. Alps are covered in wool fabric over acoustic foam, and not only divide the workspace, they aid in the absorption of travelling sound.

Alp partitions

Clip screens are a lightweight office partition filled with acoustic absorbing material, Ecolin. Ecolin is made of flax fibres that are moulded into shape and fixed by corn starch then covered in 100% wool fabric, making the screens 100% eco-friendly. The raw material comes from renewable sources and the whole screen is biodegradable.

Clip partitions

A lightweight, flexible partition screen that is designed to manoeuver effortlessly and conforms to virtually any space is ideal for the dynamic office. Colourful fabric panels allow for customisation to enhance your office space while also serving as a sound absorbing barrier in open workspaces, waiting rooms or other common areas.

Flexible partitions

Functional and fun, these inflatable partitions slide easily on castors to delineate areas but maintain an open, flowing feeling due to their transparency and porthole design. This design also allows light to penetrate into the area. The most interesting and surprising part of the concept though, is that the inflatable part comes off the castors and can be used for relaxing or lounging.

Inflatable partitions

Perhaps our favourite creative room dividers, and we think the most fun and fabulous, have to be these oversized office supplies commissioned by a property developer to divide a space into four areas.

Oversize office supplies

Whatever your reason for needing a partition or two, you can find exactly what you’re after. But if you need a bit of help getting there, contact the team at Larian to talk it over – but not on an inflatable divider.



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