Office Design Tips to Increase your Productivity

Do you find that your employees are having trouble concentrating lately? Are there more meetings talking about working than actual work getting completed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there is an answer. Your office design can actually increase productivity if it’s done right.

Did you know that Deskmag conducted a survey of more than 1,500 co-workers in 52 countries and 75% reported an increase in their productivity due to an office redesign?

Imagine for a minute what 75% of your staff experiencing an increase in productivity would do to your bottom line? The possibilities are endless.

So now that you KNOW it’s worthwhile, what can you do about it?

An office redesign can often seem overwhelming but there are a few tricks to help increase productivity.


Lighting should be the first step in your journey. If your office isn’t well lit not only are you depressing your staff, you’re also limiting their ability to stay focused and feel inspired. It may just be a simple fix like getting brighter light bulbs or it may be that you are not utilising natural light due to your office design. Use everything available to you to open up the space and bring in that sunshine. Winter blues can happen anytime of the year if you’re not careful.

Modern waterfront office overlooking the sea with several comput


This sounds like an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many companies don’t provide their workers with chairs that are appropriate for their body type. It’s so important for your staff to have chairs that are comfortable and promote productivity. This may even mean switching to standing desks if appropriate.

How do you know if their workspace works for them and not against them?
Follow these rules:
• Computer screen should be a minimum of 60 cm’s from eyes
• Feet should be flat on the floor
• Keyboard should be set up so their forearms are parallel to the floor and elbows are at their sides


The same amount of thought that goes into pleasing your clients should be put into the organisation of your employees. What do we mean by this? If you place people with likeminded goals together you are likely to get better results. If they are all working on the same project but seated across the office from each other they aren’t easily able to collaborate causing dull and uninspiring results for your clients.


Options are a secret weapon many companies don’t use. If your worker has hit a creative roadblock it’s unlikely they will get inspiration sitting in the same place for the rest of the day. Giving them options allows them to move freely through the office and potentially gain inspiration from different surroundings. Provide them alternative workspaces when their desk just isn’t cutting it like, a quiet room or an outdoor meeting space. Whatever it is, allow them that flexibility and watch their creativity flow.


The more distractions, the more difficult it is to get work done. That’s why every good office absolutely needs a superior storage solution to minimise clutter and maximise results. We’re not talking about ugly, uninspiring filing cabinets; we’re talking about storage solutions that are built specifically to work within your office design. Not only will this assist to increase productivity but it will also help you to maximise your floor space. And with rent rates what they are, every square meter counts.

No matter what type of business you have, increasing productivity is key to increased success. If you’re interested in learning more about how to design your office to assist with productivity and inspiration give us a call today and we can discuss the possibilities.


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