Secret rooms

At some time in our lives we’ve all looked for that hidden room or secret passageway that will take us somewhere awesome. We’ve seen them in James Bond and Batman movies, but did you know that people really do have secret rooms and hidden passageways in their house?

They are usually built for fun, privacy, security or doomsday reasons but they aren’t just for millionaires or villains. And, they’re easier to build than you think. Let’s take a look at some practical but creative covert spots that can either be fitted into a finished room or form part of a new house build, extension or refurbishment project.

  1. Separating the office space from the living space. In a time when working from home is increasing, it’s best not to have clients enter or see your private living area. This is where a dividing wall works perfectly, particularly for apartment living.
  2. Subterranean wine cellars are cool in more ways than one. These underground cellars can be installed under any ground floor room without the need for an existing cellar or basement and is built from engineered concrete to help maintain a constant cool temperature to keep your wine in perfect condition.
  3. A butler’s pantry is a kitchen space hidden away from the main kitchen. It is perfect for those who love to entertain, but want their main kitchen to remain clean and tidy in the process. It allows you to prepare food, leaving the appliances on the benchtop if necessary, and clean up after meals out of sight. A butler’s pantry often incorporates the food pantry too so that everything is at hand when needed.
  4. Who hasn’t checked their closet to see where it leads? Well, this wardrobe really does lead to Narnia. A room where children’s toys are hidden away and a place they can let their imagination run wild sounds perfect.

Whatever your reason for needing a hidden room or secret passageway, contact our team today to get cracking on your sneaky spot.

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