Street Cred – how to improve the appearance of your property

First impressions last, don’t they? Whether it’s the pompous greeting from the maître d’ at a new restaurant or its shabby exterior we base many of our future decisions on those first few seconds.

So it goes for the exterior of a building too; and the qualities that make the exterior of a structure look attractive to you, to a potential buyer, or to a customer, is the kerb appeal of a property. Creating a first impression isn’t always easy so we have some suggestions to help you improve the outside appearance of your home, business, or property.

Street cred terrace

Kerb appeal for your home

First impressions can make or break a home sale because a potential buyer takes just eight seconds or less to decide whether or not they like the house. Whether it’s an inner city terrace, a suburban house or an apartment, if you’re planning on selling your home soon here are six ways you can improve its street cred:

  1. The approach to the front door, like driveways and paths, should be in good repair and clear of clutter. That means shoes, toys, bikes, overgrown plants and rubbish.
  2. Give the brickwork a spruce up. This can be done by painting, rendering or re-pointing in a theme that suits the home and the area.
  3. Paint the original or hang a new front door because a front door that ‘pops’ is hugely cheering.
  4. Make sure the house number is clearly visible. If they can’t find you in the first place they can’t buy the house.
  5. Install new external lighting fixtures. This gives the home a deluxe feel while subconsciously ticking the ‘home is safe’ box. But remember, good garden lighting should blend in not be a feature on its own.
  6. Getting your landscaping right is not as easy as it looks, so choose wisely whether you go for an asymmetrical casual approach much like a country garden, or choose more formal, symmetrical inspiration if you are looking for a contemporary feel. Besides your choice of plants other considerations here should be colour, texture and the arrangement of your flower beds.

Kerb appeal for your store

Just as your home can appear inviting from the street, a well-maintained appearance can do the same for your storefront. To achieve this, think about these questions:

  1. Can your signage be seen from the street, parking lot AND footpath? Consider sandwich boards and neon signs; but make sure no signs are faded, peeling or in need of globe replacement.
  2. Is the outside of your shop clean and inviting, including the windows?
  3. How does the window display look from the street? Use them to provide a glimpse into your store and what you offer to entice prospective customers to come in and check you out.

Creating an experience for your customers and playing to their senses will help increase sales and invite them to shop awhile longer.

Kerb appeal for your commercial property

Commercial properties like office buildings and shopping centres can benefit from a professional landscaping strategy as it can make the difference in attracting customers or losing them to competitors. Try these three tips for a well-maintained front:

  1. Trim overgrown trees and shrubs so it is clearly visible to passers-by.
  2. Plant shrubbery – but be creative! Have topiary’s created or train a hedge to the shape of your company logo.
  3. Make a pleasant outdoor seating area to invite your customers and guests to linger a while longer.

For more idea’s to create great first impressions for your property contact our friendly team for a chat about your street cred or fill out our enquiry form to the right to learn more.

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