What a Difference a Weekend Makes

At Larian we love a job well done and even more so, we love providing our clients inspiration for their upcoming office fitouts. Do you currently have a closed-space office environment but are dying to let a little light in and move to an open plan? Check out our latest office transformation on the Sunshine Coast!

For the past five weekends our demolition, partition and construction crews have been hard at work transforming our client’s Mooloolaba office into a fresh and vibrant working environment.  The new open plan layout allows the natural light to flood into the office through the end-to-end windows. Not only is this more inspiring to their employees but it also literally breathes fresh air into the office by allowing air to circulate in a healthier and more efficient way.

Our clients are busy people so the project was staged.  That meant they could work uninterrupted during the week and not be impacted when our team arrived each Friday afternoon at 5pm and transformed that week’s designated area over the weekend – ready for our client’s arrival back at work on Monday morning to begin another demanding week.

So how did we do it? In six stages of course…

Stage 1: This is what we call the ‘out with the old’ stage. We completed the demolition of offices and meeting rooms along the east wall; installed new carpet, workstations, mobile pedestals and tambour units; relocated server rack and added a new coat of paint.

Stage 2: This stage consisted of the construction of a new Meet & Greet area including a new partition wall; relocating a compactus; installing new carpet and applying a fresh coat of paint. We also installed new air conditioning units to the building roof using a 30m crane.

Stage 3: Here we conducted the demolition of a now defunct wall; installed new workstations, mobile pedestals and tambour units and of course, added a new coat of paint and new carpet.

Stage 4: Fresh air is a must. Here we completed the removal of the old air conditioning system; commissioning of new air conditioning VAV’s and constructed bulkheads to cover them. We also replaced a number of ceiling tiles.

Stage 5: The construction of the kitchen alcove included installation of new kitchen joinery and furniture and installation of new viny topped with a fresh coat of paint.

Stage 6: Last but not least, we completed a foyer make over with new carpet and a fresh coat of paint for the walls.

The final result was a fresh and vibrant open office environment that we hope will inspire their employees for years to come.


If you’re interested in learning how an office fitout can help increase your office productivity and inspire your employees give us a call today.


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