Winter is coming…

It’s mid-autumn and our unusually hot, record-breaking March is suddenly forgotten with today’s welcome rain.  This means that winter will be here before we know it, so now is the time to prepare for the chilly south-east Queensland winter evenings.  A bit of checking and preventative maintenance now will save both time and money and you’ll be reaping the health and financial benefits of a warm home before you know it.

Take some time over the next few weekends to work your way through our top tips or contact Larian to have your home checked and any repairs & maintenance carried out.  Your home is your biggest investment and it has to endure all sorts of weather fronts so employing a professional to check on your home’s health regularly is worth every cent.

  1. Weatherproof your home by checking door and window seals and replace as necessary.  If you don’t have any, consider installing some.  Have your roof checked by a professional builder for gaps and leaks; and install insulation if you don’t already have it.toasty feet
  2. For those fortunate enough to have a fireplace, now is the time to have a professional inspect and clean the flue and chimney to prevent flue fires as well as inspect the parts designed to help you reduce heat loss through your fireplace including flue sealers, doors and covers, heat exchangers, and inserts; and then it’s time to scrape the ashes and creosote out of the fireplace ready for the first fire of the season.
  3. Engage a licensed electrician to test & tag heaters, reverse-cycle air conditioning, electric blankets, hard-wired smoke alarms as well as all appliances and extension cords used day-to-day throughout the year.  Forethought now will give you peace of mind in the coming months.
  4. Easter is your yearly reminder to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms, which you have of course tested monthly, and remember that smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.
  5.  Hire a qualified plumber to check your hot water service is set at the correct temperature and/or that your solar system is running as it should.  Too hot water can scald and a slow leak from the solar system can be an expensive waste of water.  Make sure your panels are clean to maximise the efficiency of your system in the reduced daylight hours of the coming months.
    solar_electric hot water
  6. Switch ceiling fans from summer to winter.  Reversing the direction of ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the cooler months will make the warm air circulate downward, maximising heat in the room while being more energy efficient.  This is also the perfect opportunity to clean the fan blades too.Which-direction-to-turn-fans-in-winter-time
  7. Adding window shades or curtains is a step that can save you energy all year round.  In winter, open the curtains during the day to use the sun’s energy to help warm your house, and close them at night to keep the chill out. During the summer months, close curtains and shades in rooms that face north, east and west to block the sun’s intense rays and keep your house cool.
    window treatments

How are you spending today – our coolest of the year so far?

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